Now here is something that every fanboy or geek would definitely drool over – the 32-Monitor Matrox Mura-powered video wall that relies on Mura MPX Series controller boards to ensure this 8×4 installation works perfectly, thanks to the app that was developed via the Mura Network API. In fact, this unique video wall has been installed in a corporate jet showroom’s so that it offers a larger than life presentation to potential clients that are bound to win brownie points with whoever steps through their doors.

The client is known as the Jet Business, and this will represent the first street-level showroom of its kind. Constructed alongside PSCo Technical Distribution, the 8×4 wall of NEC displays will be driven by a Matrox-validated HP controller system, offering clients a jaw-dropping experience that will surely go some ways in helping them clinch some deals. High street stores could definitely make do with something like this as well to keep consumers who are always on the lookout for something new satiated.

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