moto-g2-boxThe Moto G from Motorola proved to be quite the winner for the company itself, as it has been declared to be the most successful smartphone from Motorola to date (yes, even being more popular than the hot selling RAZR range in the past). What do you do with a smartphone that has quite a following? Why, you roll out a sequel, that’s what. On your right, your eyes would chance upon what is deemed to be a leak of an alleged Motorola Moto G box – the new one, and not the old model.

While there is no official name attached to the upcoming Moto G handset, some folks have decided to call it the Moto G2, although you can be sure that some confusion is guaranteed to arise with the LG G2 being yet another smartphone in the market.

Apparently, the alleged box’s photo was captured within a warehouse of the Indian online retailer Flipkart, and it does look as though there are more than enough boxes available to go around when launch day arrives. This does not sound surprising, since Flipkart was the only Indian e-tailer to carry the original Moto G in the past, although one should not read into the situation too much and claim that the same modus operandi would apply to Flipkart this time around.

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