olympus-run-heroGriffin Games (site in Korean), a Korean Startup, are coming up with a horizontal platform/shooter called Olympus Run. Based on the 12 Labors of Hercules, the player controls Hercules, who has to do successfully execute Griffin’s vision of the Labors level after level. I have tested the game on an iPad, which seems to be the ideal size for a demo, although I suspect that the controls will work just as well on an iPhone.

As it is the case with every good action game, the controls are quite simple: swipe up and down to move up and down by jumping or climbing down to the lower level. Any top on the half right side will trigger the “Fire” command. It is possible to neutralize opponents by shooting at them, or jumping down on them, Mario-style. The game is pretty fast, but it was easy to get into it, and I felt immediately comfortable at my first attempt. The controls are just incredibly intuitive.

The Olympus Run team members present at GMV

The Olympus Run team members present at GMV

Olympus Run definitely has an arcade classic feel that so many players love. That said, it also has slick graphics, if you like that style. I love it. I met with Cheolseong Lee (CEO) and Selene Yun (Director) and other staff members, like the Design Lead. They were very curious to know what my first impression was on their game: they have worked hard on the gameplay and were anxious to know if the playability was good enough. I gave them a thumbs up.

Since I had limited time, I couldn’t actually review the game, but I had a lot of fun with the first level, and I’m pretty sure that amateurs of that genre will appreciate all the work Griffin has done. The good news is: the game is free. The in-app purchases (weapons, customizations) is how this team intends to monetize their work. If you’re a fan of that genre it’s free to play.

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