Articles about GMV 2014

Ediket: A (Nice) Copy-Editing App & Marketplace
Copy-editing if often associated with professional and expensive services that only businesses can afford. It is mostly the case, but Ediket’s team believes that there should be something between “no copy-editing” and expensive copy-editing. They also believe in a better interface for both copywriters and customers, which is why they build a nice interface that tries to mimic what users would do on paper. Even friendly copy-editing services such as […]

After Coffee: Making World Better, One Cup Of Coffee At A Time
I didn’t know this before going to Korea for the first time, but it is one of the most caffeinated countries in the world.This is evident when you walk around as the concentration of coffee shops is higher than anywhere else I’ve been so far.After Coffee (site in Korean) is a non-profit project that has two objectives: First, they believe in fair trade with the coffee producers in third world countries.Secondly, […]

Olympus Run: Classic Arcade Feel, With High-DPI Visuals
Griffin Games (site in Korean), a Korean Startup, are coming up with a horizontal platform/shooter called Olympus Run. Based on the 12 Labors of Hercules, the player controls Hercules, who has to do successfully execute Griffin’s vision of the Labors level after level. I have tested the game on an iPad, which seems to be the ideal size for a demo, although I suspect that the controls will work just […]

Charanavi Friends: A Virtual World To Mingle, And Discover New “Friends”
At Global Mobile Vision 2014, this intriguing game caught my attention: Charanavi Friends (by Forcrane Juice) is an app in which you build a small virtual world that contains mini-games, to entertain existing friends, but also meet new ones. You can meet and chat, which at first, made me think of a  graphically simpler version of something like Second Life. Some of the player motivations are the same, except that […]


BridgeCall App Integrates VOIP Seamlessly To Android Phones
Ever since the first VOIP call was created, the world has changed into a better place where it is possible to easily (and cheaply) keep in touch with people that matter in one’s lives, for a cost that was once unthinkable: free.  However, and despite the ubiquity of VOIP technology, the only way to have a truly seamless integration of VOIP in the mobile phone experience is a Carrier-supported WiFi […]

Top Drift Motion Simulator : 5mn Of Awesome
While roaming the alleys of Global Mobile Vision (GMV), I’ve stumbled on the Motion Device (a Korean company) booth in which a Top Drift motion simulator was being demonstrated. I jumped into it and had a really good time. The concept is seemingly simple: use 3 hydraulic cylinders to move a platform around 2 axes (pitch, roll), and rotate the whole system around the Y-axis (pointing up) to allow for […]

BallReady: Telepresence For Dog Owners
Dogs can be great companions. Often called Man’s best friend, they have become the object of much affection by their masters who treat them more like kids than pets sometime. However, the reality is that pet owners go to work, and dogs don’t have much entertainment during the day.Worse, some studies have suggested that dogs can feel distress or anxiety when left at home alone. The level of stress seems […]

Global Mobile Vision 2014, Sept 17-19, Seoul
Global Mobile Vision 2014 (GMV) will be held next week in Seoul. It is an event about global mobile trends and as such, it will reunite global players such as Orange, Softbank, Sprint, Huawei and many more high-profile companies. This year’s edition will have a strong focus on innovation with the addition of a “Startup zone” which will undoubtedly bring a host of new apps and services. The keynote address […]