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La French Tech at CES 2021: 100+ Startups - All-Digital CES Jan 11-14, 2021Editor's Pick
La French Tech is back at CES 2021 with over 100 French companies. For the second year, Ubergizmo is an official media partner, and we will cover the best innovations France has to offer at CES 2021. The show will be held exclusively online from Jan 11, 2021, to Jan 14, 2021, you can see the schedule here, and you need to register to connect with the exhibitors. Please scroll […]

Seoul Pavilion at CES 2020 K-Startups @ Eureka Park Jan 7-10, 2020
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is at CES for the first time under the theme of “Smart City & Smart Life.”

La French Tech at CES 2020: 300+ Start-ups @ Eureka Park Jan 5-10, 2020
La French Tech is back at CES in Las Vegas this year, with more than 300 start-ups and Ubergizmo as an official media partner . Ubergizmo will cover the best French start-ups’ news and product launches during the tradeshow – Read our French Tech coverage here).La French Tech is the brand name used to describe the French start-up community: entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, public organizations, etc. committed to the growth […]

Made In Korea 2019, Season 1
Ubergizmo was a media partner of Made in Korea 2019 (MIK), a tradeshow with chapters worldwide, whose goal is to help the world discover Korean startups and innovators.


MIK 2017 Top 3 Selected By Ubergizmo
Ubergizmo was one of the official Media Partners of MIK 2017, aka Made in Korea 2017, which was held in Seoul. The event is organized by Aving News, a Korean media company with a branch in the USA. The goal is to help Korean startups and SMBs to think of and present their product and services to an international audience.To help motivate startups, a panel of international media from several […]

Ubergizmo Digital Fall Event: The Future of VR, Tomorrow in SF
Ubergizmo, in partnership with Open House, is holding an event for entrepreneurs and developers tomorrow at the Target Open House in downtown San Francisco. Our industry-insiders panelists will share their experiences building cutting-edge VR products and applications. The intimate setting makes it easy to ask specific questions and have a meaningful interaction. You can register for free on the event page (short URL: you have not been to one […]

Smart Content Center Startup Sampling in Seoul
When I stopped by in Seoul, I visited the Smart Content Center in Anyang (near Seoul) and had the opportunity to meet with some of the companies being incubated there. SmartCenter is a government-backed incubator created in 2011 to nurture local startups from start to finish. Its stated goal is to select and help grow startups from an idea to being a global corporation.This time we met with three companies […]

XYZprinting da Vinci Color 3D Printer Makes Everything Easier
#IFA2017, #ShowStoppersIFA – Most 3D Printers use colored materials, which mean that you purchase a base material of a particular color. Printers have some trays that allow them to use more than one color at any given time. However, there is still a pretty strict limit. The da Vinci Color 3D printer aims to change all this for the better.

Varjo Demonstrates 20|20 Human Eye Resolution VR: Hands-On!
Startup Varjo Technologies (Finland) is coming up with a VR product that provides something that the industry didn’t think would be available for years of not a couple decades in the future: human-eye resolution VR experiences. We tried this new VR display technology, and it shows immense potential.

Marlin GPS Swim Meter With Underwater Voice Feedback
Built for swimmers who want to focus on their swimming instead of looking at their smartphones or smartwatches, the Marlin GPS Swim Meter is a hands-free, display-free wearable coach that keeps track of position/distance and speed. This is one of the startups I met at the Global Sources Startup Launchpad in Hong Kong.

Airbuds (Near) Real-Time Translator
Language barriers not easy to overcome, and that’s particularly true when you travel to places where you can neither read or speak. At the Global Sources Startup Launchpad in Hong Kong, I played with the Airbuds Air Translator, a combination of app and earbuds that aims to translate a conversation in near real-time.

eNano Health Kiss and Tell Monitors Sugar Levels Without Blood Draw
The eNano Health Kiss and Tell system can be used by diabetes patients to check how their sugar levels changes two hours after eating. Originally introduced as a prototype in 2015, the system won a number of awards in Asia because it does not require a blood draw and is affordable. You can see different versions of the sensor, starting from the bigger and earlier ones on the left, to the most […]

The S-Cradle Turns Old Smartphones Into 350 Degrees Cameras
The S-Cradle (aka Security Cradle) is an upcoming product from a Korean company called Saintioe. I bumped into them at the Startup Launchpad within the Global Sources electronic expo in Hong Kong, in the Startup Launchpad section. The idea isn’t new, but S-Cradle may succeed where others failed.

Best Of MIK 1111 2016 Korean Tech Event
As we attended the Korean Tech Event MIK1111, Ubergizmo picked three companies that are working on cool/interesting products. Our site is a media partner of MIK 1111, and we contributed in the Awards process by nominating cool products. We focused on tech-oriented companies of course, and of the ones we looked at closely, are our top 3 picks:

Alcatel Onetouch Season 2 Startup Accelerator: Final Call
For the second year, the Alcatel Onetouch Innovation Accelerator (a 6-month program) will open a partnership opportunity to startups that seek a go-to-market opportunity with a firmly established handset maker which has access to a host of international wireless carriers. Today is your last chance to apply if your company is in IoT or an app that is generating revenues, and ready to scale.

Intel Capital Invests $62M In 16 Startups
At 12:20pm PT today, Intel’s Arvind Sodhani is going to announce that Intel Capital is investing $62 million dollars in 16 companies. This investment is part of a much larger portfolio that will see $355M invested just for 2014 alone. The announcement will be made during a press conference at the Intel Capital Global Summit in Los Angeles.

Ediket: A (Nice) Copy-Editing App & Marketplace
Copy-editing if often associated with professional and expensive services that only businesses can afford. It is mostly the case, but Ediket’s team believes that there should be something between “no copy-editing” and expensive copy-editing. They also believe in a better interface for both copywriters and customers, which is why they build a nice interface that tries to mimic what users would do on paper. Even friendly copy-editing services such as […]

After Coffee: Making World Better, One Cup Of Coffee At A Time
I didn’t know this before going to Korea for the first time, but it is one of the most caffeinated countries in the world.This is evident when you walk around as the concentration of coffee shops is higher than anywhere else I’ve been so far.After Coffee (site in Korean) is a non-profit project that has two objectives: First, they believe in fair trade with the coffee producers in third world countries.Secondly, […]

Olympus Run: Classic Arcade Feel, With High-DPI Visuals
Griffin Games (site in Korean), a Korean Startup, are coming up with a horizontal platform/shooter called Olympus Run. Based on the 12 Labors of Hercules, the player controls Hercules, who has to do successfully execute Griffin’s vision of the Labors level after level. I have tested the game on an iPad, which seems to be the ideal size for a demo, although I suspect that the controls will work just […]

Charanavi Friends: A Virtual World To Mingle, And Discover New “Friends”
At Global Mobile Vision 2014, this intriguing game caught my attention: Charanavi Friends (by Forcrane Juice) is an app in which you build a small virtual world that contains mini-games, to entertain existing friends, but also meet new ones. You can meet and chat, which at first, made me think of a  graphically simpler version of something like Second Life. Some of the player motivations are the same, except that […]