We’re sure many of you experience some frustration when you go to certain areas of your house, only to find that WiFi in that particular area is either very bad or non-existent at all. Some of you guys have probably figured out that the WiFi signal could be blocked by objects in between, but thanks to physicist Jason Cole, he has put together a rather detailed report (via Ars Technica) that showed him where the best place was to put his router.

Unsurprisingly it turns out the best spot to place a router would be smack in the middle of the house, although we’re guessing that this might not necessarily be possible for some of you guys, and so Cole has figured out the next best spot for himself which was in a corner. Through the use of visualization, he was able to map out the “tendrils” of the internet which allowed him to see where the WiFi signal was being projected and to see which area would it allow him the most reach.

If you understood the math behind Cole’s efforts, then perhaps you could figure out the ideal spot to place your router as well. However if your mind is a little boggled by all the numbers and equations, you’re in luck because Cole has since released an Android app in which all the calculations are done by the app instead of you.

You will, however, have to input the floor plan of your house to scale and from there it should be able to map out visually the best place to put your router. The app is only available for Android as Cole claims it is his first time coding in Java. We’re not sure if it will ever make its way onto iOS, but for now Android users if you’re wondering why your WiFi is so bad, perhaps this could be the app for you. Alternatively WiFi range extenders could be an easier or less time consuming solution.

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