It may take a while before internet TV services put a sizable dent in the enormous user base of cable companies but in order to do that these services surely need to offer content that will actually appeal to those pondering a switch from cable. Sony’s internet TV service is going to be launched in the next few months and when it does come online the service will offer 22 Viacom networks.

This “landmark” agreement between Sony and Viacom was announced today. It will bring live and on-demand programming from the likes of MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and more to Sony’s customers, who will also receive access to Viacom TV Everywhere apps available for PC, smartphones and tablets.

Sony has confirmed that all content from Viacom will be streamed in high definition though it has left out some pivotal details. There’s no word on how much the service will actually cost and exactly when it will hit the market. All Sony says for now is that more specifics about the service will be shared “in the near future.”

The company first talked about its internet TV service at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 back in January. It promised that the service will enter pilot mode later this year and will include on-demand content as well as DVR functionality, with recordings being stored in the cloud.

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