sony-xperia-z1-review-20According to a report from last week, Sony had recently revised their financials to reflect a loss which is apparently quadruple that of their previous estimate. It seems that Sony’s mobile division is largely to blame as Sony’s low-mid range handsets aren’t selling as well as they would like.


Well according to a new report from DigiTimes, it seems that because of their recent loss, Sony has decided to change their strategy and according to their sources, will now focus primarily on higher-end handsets and will most likely be decreasing their ODM orders. It seems that Sony is unable to keep up with the competition from the likes of China who have managed to flood the market with cheaper alternatives.

Their sources have also indicated to them that Sony expects themselves to be more competitive with companies like Apple and Samsung, although we’re not sure if we completely agree with that assessment as there are other companies like LG and HTC to take into consideration as well.

In any case we guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds for Sony. Perhaps next year they will release a new flagship smartphone that will blow the competition out of the water, but until then what do you guys think? What else can Sony do to get back into the game?

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