The PlayStation Home virtual world was launched back in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 with the idea that gamers will be able to socialize with fellow players as they play various social games. Following a redesign and countless updates since then PlayStation Home has transformed considerably yet it was never able to make its mark outside of the niche community of users. Forget about getting PlayStation Home on the PS4, Sony has confirmed that it is shutting down the virtual world.

Sony says that since 2008 “tens of millions of users” across the world have contributed to the growth of this platform into a community of enthusiastic and creative gamers. However “due to a shifting landscape,” no new content will be published for PlayStation Home after November 12th.

Most people who did start using this platform stopping coming back after toying around with it for a couple of times. It never got the kind of traction that Sony would have wanted, remaining limited to a niche community.

Gamers who are based in Europe will be able to download contil until December 3rd. As a token of gratitude Sony will also release some free content which will be available to any and all PlayStation 3 owners that still use PlayStation Home.

Sony will pull the plug on PlayStation Home on March 31st, 2015.

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