luneos-screenshotFor a while it did seem like webOS did have the potential to become the next big smartphone platform, but we guess it looks like iOS and Android managed to beat them to the punch. HP had attempted to release some webOS devices and tablets but ultimately fell flat on its face, but the good news is that webOS continues to live on.

That being said, a recent post by webOS Ports (via Engadget) has revealed that they would be renaming the operating system where it will now be known as LuneOS. It should be noted that LuneOS currently plays nicely with the HP TouchPad (which runs on webOS but has been a favorite amongst Android modders), the Nexus 4, and the 2012 Nexus 7 with WiFi.

However with the changes that webOS Ports will be making, it seems that they will be focusing on the Nexus 4 and HP TouchPad instead. Of course this doesn’t mean that other devices can’t run LuneOS, but it will really be up to step up and make ports of their own for their favorite devices.

For example in the photo above, it shows the OnePlus One running the operating system. However it should be pointed out that the OS is still a long way from being as feature rich compared to iOS and Android, but if you don’t mind giving it a go, you can find out more at the webOS Ports website.

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