iphone 6_2We’re sure that there are users out there who might find displays above 4.5-inch or 5-inches a little too excessive, but if you’re a developer, chances are you might want to start developing apps for phones with large displays. This is because according to analysts at IHS, it seems that apps on larger displays have better engagement with its users.

What this means for the developer is that the longer the user uses an app, they will be able to pull more money in from advertising or users could end up purchasing more in-app purchases. According to Chris Hill, the senior VP of marketing at Mobida, “Analysis of the data clearly shows the positive impact larger screens are having on the industry.”

Hill also adds, “For instance, users spent significantly more time in streaming video apps like HBO Go, Netflix and YouTube when accessing them from phones with large screens. We anticipate this trend will continue with Apple’s new larger screen iPhones.” However IHS notes that this engagement with larger-sized displays might not be a universal rule as iPhone apps tend to generate more revenue compared to Android apps, despite the iPhone having a smaller screen all these years.

However we cannot deny that having a larger display means that our videos will look better and our web browsing will be a lot more clearer as well, so if you’re a developer that has yet to update their app to better suit the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus displays, perhaps it’s time that you should. In the meantime are you in agreement that larger displays tend to offer better engagement with apps?

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