att-outside-logo-sign8There are a lot of ads out there that rely on videos and audio, but unfortunately these ads end up eating into our data packages as video and audio will consume data. Granted it might not necessarily be a lot of data that will impact us negatively, but we’re sure many can’t be too thrilled about ceding their data to advertisers, right?

Well the good news is that thanks to a new service that will be launching this week called Freeway, it’s basically where companies will be able to pick up the tab when it comes to streaming videos on your mobile devices. This is currently only offered on AT&T where customers who visit particular mobile sites will not have it count towards their monthly data allowance.

Companies that have participated include StubHub, Expedia, with expected to be added to the list next week. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this. Earlier this year the carrier announced that they would be launching their Sponsored Data Program which basically offers what is described above.

However the FCC has raised some concerns regarding the service as they are worried that it will affect net neutrality. After all it could mean that carriers such as AT&T might allocate more bandwidth to advertisers at the expense of slowing down or throttling the speeds for its users during regular use.

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