Belkin N900 routerWhen our internet goes down, most of the time it is probably due to the internet service provider who is experiencing some technical issues. Well it turns out that yesterday, customers who used Belkin’s routers found themselves unceremoniously unable to connect to the internet.

It turns out that there was an issue with Belkin’s servers that somehow prevented their routers from connecting to the internet, ultimately sparking a lot of outrage and a tirade of angry tweets sent Belkin’s way. The company has since released a statement commenting on the issue, and at the same time promising that it has since been fixed.

According to Belkin, “One of our cloud services associated with maintaining router operations was negatively impacted by a change made in our data center that caused a false denial of service.” Belkin has also advised some users to restart their router or cable modem if they are still unable to connect to the internet.

According to TechCrunch, it has since taken Belkin about 15 hours to fix the issue and as they have pointed out, it’s a rather scary thought that our own local network device could potentially be controlled from a remote server which lends itself to all sorts of scary scenarios in which hackers could potentially prevent us from getting online, or worse.

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