canon teaserCanon has a new product in the works and they have recently released a countdown timer to the event, which you can see a screenshot off in the image above. From what we can tell, Canon will be poised to make the announcement in less than a day, but what exactly could we be looking at? Well from the caption alone which reads, “At Canon, we see impossible,” which has many speculating it could be related to cameras.


However as it was pointed out by Photo Rumors, the logo used by in the teaser is not the same logo that is typically used by Canon for their camera or photo-related products, and given that Canon makes other products such as printers, scanners fax machines, projectors, and so on, it is possible that the countdown timer could be for one of the company’s other products.

At the same time it does seem weird that Canon would be counting down to a product as mundane as a printer or scanner, right? After all such products aren’t necessarily products to get that excited over. Also given that Canon has mentioned that they are planning to launching cameras with a higher megapixel count, it is possible that the announcement could be related to that as well.

In fact it was just last week that we heard the rumors that Canon could have a 50MP camera in the works. In any case we’ll try not to speculate too much for now, but do check back with us tomorrow to see what all the fuss was about!

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