ios-android-windows-phoneWhile Apple might be beating out OEMs in terms of smartphones shipped and sold, unfortunately due to the overwhelming number of OEMs making Android devices, Google’s Android platform currently has the lion’s share of the market. iOS comes in at second place, followed by Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

However according to the latest figures by comScore, it seems that iOS and Windows Phone are seeing an increase in their market share, while Android has actually declined by a bit. However these changes are minute, with iOS and Windows Phone going up by 0.1% market share each, and with Android dropping by 0.1%.

This puts Android at a 52% market share in the US, with iOS coming in at second with 42%. Windows Phone is still in the single digits at 3.5% while BlackBerry appears to have stagnated at 2.3% from the last time it was measured. In terms of OEM positioning, Apple is still commanding a large chunk of the market at 42%.

This is followed by Samsung at 28.9% which is an increase of 1.1% of their market share in May, followed by LG, Motorola, and HTC at 6.7%, 5.4%, and 4.5% respectively. Save for Samsung and LG, the other OEMs have lost market share over the past few months.

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