ebola-robotWhile we do know that robots are extremely handy when it comes to automating the entire manufacturing process, are there other ways in which robots will be able to help humankind? The bitter fight against the ebola virus is on, and there is a remote possibility that robotic technologies which used to be deployed in rescue and disaster situations to be repurposed in order to help contain the Ebola epidemic.

Apparently, if a robot could be programmed to handle various tasks such as waste removal or even the burial/cremation of bodies, it could end up being a lifesaver. With the help of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, scientists are working on a range of meetings where they will pit their minds together, with the first round of such meetings slated for this coming November 7th at four locations: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Massachusetts; Texas A&M; the University of California, Berkeley; and in Washington.

While technology remains limited, mobile robots that disarm bombs as well as drive vehicles could be repurposed to help contain the virus – and perhaps offer mankind a brighter glimpse of the future. I am all for robots handling the tasks mentioned above – how about you? After all, if a 12 year old could come up with a robot that combats malaria, why not ebola?

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