denso-x-mobility-1[CEATEC 2014] So, the rest of the household is not really that keen on you barking orders to the rest of the family members to bring you a cold one from time to time, as you would only do so for yourself whenever there is a break in the game. Perhaps it is time to make sure that there is an ice box right beside the couch, while you carefully arrange an entire carton’s worth of beer on the X-mobility from Denso.

Basically, the X-mobility happens to be an in-wheel motor that has been specially equipped with the relevant bits and pieces within to help it move around using a remote control, which is actually an app that has been installed on your smartphone or tablet beforehand. The X-mobility will sport a built-in decelerator, a battery, a communications module, a control board, as well as the corresponding sensors to make its movement possible.

The X-mobility has a total freedom of movement, getting around in 360 degrees through the motor’s control. While I am quite sure that there will be far more creative uses of this other than to deliver beer to where you are seated, this looks more like a fun toy to have than anything else.

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