Halloween is coming up and if you’re looking for an interesting and possibly unique costume idea, the folks at Digital Dudz have come up with a batch of new ideas that you could use. If you’re wondering why the name Digital Dudz sounds so familiar, it is because over the years, the company has released apps for smartphones that gives our festive clothing like a Christmas sweater or a Halloween costume a hi-tech makeover.

It is no different this time round, except that the folks at Digital Dudz have come up with even more wacky and scary ideas that you might be interested in. The concept is similar to before where you can download an app with animations, insert it into your t-shirt, and suddenly an otherwise scary t-shirt becomes animated and “alive”!

They have also created masks this year in which users can insert their smartphones into and breathe some new life into them. For example you could wear a cyclops mask and have the eye keep shifting and looking around. You could also have a zombie mask with an exposed brain, or a scary clown mask with wriggling maggots in its mouth.

We have to admit that these are some pretty awesome ideas and if you’d like to check out their range of animated t-shirts and masks, head on over to its website to check out what they have in store for you this Halloween.

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