If you love to play along with the general Halloween mood, then you would definitely be interested to hear about what T-shirt design company Digital Dudz has in store for the end of October. They have come up with a range of cool Halloween T-shirts that will require you to attach your smartphone in a strategically-placed hole on their outfits, so that your smartphone’s display can show off gory details like a still beating heart. Definitely worth exploring if you want to scare kids in a way that is more technologically inclined as opposed to traditional fake blood and all that jazz.

The app will come in iOS or Android flavors, and is obviously free. Apart from a beating heart animation, other creepy animations that you can keep your visitors “entertained” would include ghostly eyes and squirming maggots in your chest. Each of these shirts will set you back by$23.50, although the more special ‘iWound’ (for the chest) will be more expensive at $34.50 a pop.

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