Fitbit did not have the best of times earlier this year, where Fitbit Force users did complain about skin irritation as well as allergic reactions to it, which were subsequently followed up by a recall. This meant pulling out its flagship model from store shelves, but that has not dampened the company’s spirits. In fact, it looks as though Fitbit wants to be back with a bang, this time around extending their range of devices available with three more candidates, where one of them has already been spotted on Brookstone – the Fitbit Surge.

The Fitbit Charge looks set to be the replacement for the recalled Fitbit Force, where it will sport all of the similar hardware features, including caller ID functionalities. Apart from that, Fitbit has also worked on the automatic sleep tracking aspect, which means you no longer need to inform your Fitbit whenever bedtime is over. The design has definitely changed a wee bit since the previous year, although by far and large it seems to be a refreshed version of the Force.

We need not talk too much about the Fitbit Surge since we have already covered it in depth in the story earlier this morning. Having said that, the Fitbit Charge can be purchased for $130 a pop, although one would need to wait until early next year to pick up the Charge HR or Surge, which will retail for $150 and $250, respectively.

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