google-now-updateFor those with you on Android devices, you might have noticed that Google Search was recently updated, and with the update it seems that there are some who are reporting that Google Now is a little bit bugged when it comes to setting alarms. One of the commands users could issue to Google Now is to set their alarm without having to reach over to touch their phone.

However with the update to Google Search, it seems that there are many who are reporting that the feature has been bugged and instead of automatically setting the alarm for the user, users will now have to manually press the “Set alarm” button to set their alarm. Prior to this the button was always available as an option to users who wanted to set the alarm right away without having to wait for the action to be completed.

However with users reporting the bug, it seems that the button will have to be pressed or the alarm will not be set at all, which can be a little dangerous if you have a meeting that you need to get to or an event you need to attend at a certain time. Reports have also suggested that the bug extends to other alarm clocks that can be linked to Google Now as well, such as Timely.

Some users are also claiming that Google Now is working the way it should and that they are not experiencing said bug, but if you are, do let us know in the comments below! Google has yet to acknowledge if this is an issue but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more info all the same.

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