google_logo1When Google first started off as a search engine all those years ago, who would have thought or even figured out that it might end up as the tech giant that it is today? It does look as though Google is about to put forward their intention of getting under your skin. In fact, they downright want to figure you out from within, that is, through the construction of a nano particle platform which could eventually be used to continuously measure one’s health thanks to particles that will travel through a person’s bloodstream.

This new discovery could change the way healthcare and medicine works some time down the road, not to mention add an interesting new twist where its very own wearable computing initiatives are concerned. Imagine a future where a nano particle platform is able to measure a person’s health continuously, courtesy of ingestible nano particles. This is done by swallowing a pill that contains such nano particles which will then be trapped by a magnet, and it can be used to detect cancer cells, or perhaps perform a read out of blocked arteries or other symptoms that would normally require one to undergo a blood test or perhaps to go through even more complicated procedures.

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