striker-vrGuns are a potentially explosive topic over in the U.S., especially when it comes to the right to own one. Well, it looks set to remain as a divisive factor for the masses, but right now, a couple of American technology entrepreneurs have already come up with a gun simulator for the military which could eventually trickle down to see action among the masses by being a hit in video game circles.

Kyle Monti and Martin Holly, the two technology entrepreneurs behind this gun simulator, wanted to ensure that the final product would work in the most realistic manner in order to cater for military simulation situations. If that were not to be the case, those who use the same weapon in real world situations might actually freeze because it does not resonate with what they have experienced during training.

Known as the Striker Virtual Recoil (VR) simulation gun, it is obviously a fake gun, but it has been specially modified and designed to provide a recoil in the same manner that the real deal would, and it was demonstrated in a virtual reality computer game where one would shoot people. It would definitely make folks squeamish, really, but that is because the original design was meant for the military. It comes with a center of weight that is plus or minus 5% of the actual weapon, with a kick that is plus or minus 5%. Would yo indulge in such a simulator yourself?

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