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Gun Simulator Might Be A Big Gaming Hit
Guns are a potentially explosive topic over in the U.S., especially when it comes to the right to own one. Well, it looks set to remain as a divisive factor for the masses, but right now, a couple of American technology entrepreneurs have already come up with a gun simulator for the military which could eventually trickle down to see action among the masses by being a hit in video […]

3D Printed Guns Go Full Metal
3D printers can be quite a menace if one were to make use of it the wrong way, and one of the ways would be to print out parts of a gun and assembling them together. We did hear of a Liberator pistol that was smuggled into the Israeli parliament sometime in the middle of this year, and then there was also the Grizzly which is a 3D-printed rifle. This […]

Pump-Action Oreo Separation Gun Makes Cookies Into A Deadly Weapon
For the past few weeks, we’ve seen some neat creations whose primary objective is to successfully separate an Oreo cookie. But today, we spotted an Oreo-related creation that wasn’t commissioned by Nabisco to create, which makes it even more awesome someone took time out of their day to create something like this.Today’s creation comes from slingshot master Joerg Sprave and is, quite simply, a pump-action Oreo separation gun. Unfortunately, it […]

Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party brings guns to the Xbox 360
One of the best parts about the Xbox 360 Kinect is the fact that it doesn’t require any controllers – users just move their arms and bodies around in front of the camera to play the games. There’s no need for extra controllers or accessories. However, sometimes it’s hard to replace the feeling of holding a controller in your hand, i.e. games that require you to hold guns for shooting.Well, […]


Revolver camera gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "point and shoot"
A photograph of a very interesting gun recently surfaced along with some photographs that it shot. Wait, a gun that shoots pictures? Well this gun shot both bullets and pictures – at the same time. Used way back in 1938 in New York, this Colt 38 had a tiny camera attached to it and was controlled by the gun’s trigger. Whenever the gun spat out a bullet, a picture was […]

US Navy fires laser gun from ship for the first time
The US Navy recently took a major leap forward in terms of weapon technology recently. They mounted a solid-state laser called the Maritime Laser Demonstrator aboard a decommissioned destroyer, the USS Paul Foster. With a motorboat a mile away from the ship, they set out for target practice with the laser gun. It fired a 15-kilowatt beam of laser at the boat and set the motorboat’s engines on fire in […]

XM-25 computer smartgun promo video released
The XM-25, computer smartgun from ATK that recently received a $66 million contract and is being moved into production stages has just been shown off in an impressive video demonstration. The futuristic weapon is more than just a collection of metal and bullets – it packs a computer that makes the gun even more dangerous than ever. An advanced aiming and tracking system that allows users to take down enemies […]

Tupperware Turret fires an Airsoft pistol
Who would’ve thought that a Tupperware could be turned into something so fearsome? A hobbyist named Chris from PyroElectro recently modified a Tupperware container with a PIC microcontroller, servo, IR receiver, and a sawed-off Airsoft pistol to create a fearsome Tupperware Turret Airsoft Gun. And from the video demonstration, it looks pretty intimidating, if not for the fact that it uses an infrared remote control hampers the weapon (you need […]

Nerf Gun, mouse, Kinect combined together to play House of the Dead
In one of the more creative mods we’ve seen recently, a hobbyist named Tony Blanch built his own motion controller for playing House of the Dead on the computer. He took apart a Nerf gun and added a circuit board that was ripped out of a 5 button wireless mouse. He then set up a Microsoft Kinect to recognize the gun moving and to translate that movement into the mouse […]

DIY Pulse Laser Gun is scary
A hobbyist named Patrick Priebe has come up with one gun you don’t want your kids to be playing around with. Called the DIY Pulse Laser Gun, it does exactly what its name says – it shoots lasers. This device made in the comfort of his own home is not something you want to mess with. According to the description of the gun: “It holds a small pulse laser head, […]

FPS-style ammo counter finds home on automatic weapon
Do you still remember Sarge’s ammo counter in the Quake III intro? Having heard the beep of his machine gun to signify that he’s out of bullets, he decided to go out in glory by jumping straight into a bunch of stooges, only to be transported into the arena where he battles with other “gladiatiors”. Well, a somewhat similar ammo counter is now available for automatic weapons, although this is […]

Armatix gun-watch symbiotic relationship
Woe to James Bond if he ever gets in a tight situation while using Armatix’s latest combo – a wristwatch and a gun, where the $10,000-priced firearm won’t be able to fire without the watch being nearby. In fact, the gun remains disarmed with a red LED lighting up unless the watch is close enough to submit a wireless signal. What are some of the practical aspects of this strange […]

XCM PS3 Light Gun
XCM has come up with a prototype light gun for the PS3, which is fine and dandy, the only problem is that it looks a bit like a Frankenstein of video game controllers, combining half a Playstation controller with a gun. It might give you a little more control during gameplay, but would you want to be wielding such a device when you’re killing hordes of zombies? Check out a […]

RFID Terminator Gun
Are you paranoid of being tracked by RFID tags in your possessions? You probably won’t want to carry something like the RFID Zapper around, but it can certainly help you kill an RFID tag or two. Basically what this threatening-looking device does is send a very strong electromagnetic field through the RFID tag, causing it to burn out. As can be seen from this video, it’ll work on passports with […]