hp-stream-11The HP Stream 11 is not a normal laptop that you are able to find on the market, and for one very simple reason – the HP Stream 11 will cost just $300 a pop, making it an extremely affordable Windows 8.1-powered laptop. After all, how many of such laptops are you able to find in the open market? Earlier in September, the HP Stream 11 was officially announced, and if you have been extremely patient about the situation, it is nice to see that the HP Stream 11 has finally made its way for the masses to pick it up – at the right price, of course.


Do bear in mind, however, that the HP Stream 11 is not a high end computing machine, but rather, takes on the entry level route and ought to be able to handle the likes of basic computing tasks with aplomb. Should you require to coax out additional processing music or firepower from the HP Stream 11, then you are out of luck, since it does not have too much processing ability to deliver anything high end.

If you feel that you would need something that packs a whole lot more punch than what is on offer, then do look elsewhere – and be prepared to fork out a whole lot more dough for it, too.

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