kyocera-bio-edge[CEATEC 2014] If there is one thing that is good about concepts, it would be the fact that concepts throws away most, if not all of the traditional limitations that are associated with the natural laws – breaking new ground, and then working on a solution to overcome previous generation obstacles. The mobile phone, for instance, has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world, and this time around, the form factor has been given a new look by Kyocera through their conceptual Bio Edge form factor.

From having an alphanumeric keyboard to that of a QWERTY keyboard in some handsets, we have since seen the movement towards a full touchscreen display like how most phones are these days. Not only that, it looks as though the touchscreen displays are starting to lose their bezel, and a curved handset (and by this I mean on purpose, not due to an industrial design flaw) does sound rather appealing. With the Kyocera Bio Edge, it sports a curved minimum edge look that adds to the overall exclusive design, while there is also a light indicator located that makes it be more energy efficient – making the screen brighter or dimmer as and when required.

The sides of the entire handset come encircled in an organic transparent material, making it look as though it is a protective case of sorts built in already. When will we see such a conceptual design make its way into an actual, working handset? Only time will be able to tell, so stay tuned!

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