kyocera-proteusI am quite sure that most people do have fond memories of Gumby, the lovable and extremely bendable character that appealed to children as well as parents. Having said that, while screens have started to feature a higher level of resolution as well as pixel density, what is the next best thing to advance the industry rather than more of the same? After all, there are only so many pixels that you can cram inside before your eyes can no longer tell the difference, and Kyocera has taken steps which might lead to a bendable device future in the form of the Kyocera Proteus.

The Kyocera Proteus can be said to be inspired by the Lenovo Yoga series of hybrid Ultrabooks – being able to bend its display in four different methods to cater to different times and places where the Yoga is used, hence its naming convention that depicts the flexibility of it all. As for the Kyocera Proteus, you can hold it in your palm in the same manner as that of a smartphone when you are using its smartphone function, or there is also the option of wrapping it around your wrist like a bangle, and that would then kick in its vital sensors located behind the display which will deliver biological information including your heart rate, how fast you are walking or running, as well as number of steps taken – all in an effort to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Not only that, you can “drape” it over a thin rail, where this is known as the Clip Style – making it ideal for those who are traveling on a bicycle. It would be interesting to know what kind of battery the Kyocera Proteus would make use considering the flexibility of the device – would it use segmented batteries so that it can even be rolled into a bangle? Only time will tell.

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