kyocera-sympathy[CEATEC 2014] How many of you out there actually make use of a Bluetooth headset? While there are some which are extremely well designed to look as though they are space age, as far as I can recall, none of them actually look really thin and slim in terms of their design. Kyocera intends to change that, and then some, with their Kyocera Sympathy. What makes the Kyocera Sympathy so different from all of the other models out there that are in the market?

While the Kyocera Sympathy has yet to make it to the production line, it is one particular design that I do not mind to see flood the market, as though it hails from some sort of science fiction movie. You wear it over the ear, and it looks like a guitar pick that has part of it carved out so that it can fit snugly on the top of your ear to remian in place. It will connect through Bluetooth and even sports its fair share of sensors that will cater to fitness buffs.

The Kyocera Sympathy is said to be able to measure one’s basic vital signs, including the heart rate as well as body temperature, making it ideal to wear when you are out pounding the pavement as you keep track on whether you have achieved your optimal heart rate or not. Charging will presumably be done in a wireless manner as you place it on a concave cradle. The Kyocera Sympathy is definitely something that I would like to see arrive in the market soon.

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