Leica-X-Edition-Moncler-limited-edition-camera-2If you’re a fan of limited edition cameras, you might be pleased to learn that Leica has recently announced the Leica X Edition Moncler camera. This camera will be based on the Leica X (type 113) model and according to the company, there will only be 1,500 units of the camera made, so safe to say it will definitely be limited.

According to the description, the camera was designed in collaboration with Moncler, which for those unfamiliar is a fashion brand with French origins, so much so that the camera has been designed with France’s flag and colors as a motif. The colored stripes will be made from premium leather which they believe will appeal to fashion forward camera users.

Unfortunately pricing of the Leica X Edition Moncler was not mentioned in the company’s press release, but given how expensive Leica’s cameras tend to be, not to mention that this will be a limited edition model, well safe to say that it will most definitely not come cheap. For those shopping on a budget, well we guess you’d be out of luck.

The camera, like we mentioned earlier, is based on the Leica X (type 113) model. This means that photographers can look forward to a 16.5 APS-C CMOS sensor with a Summilux 23mm f/1.7 ASPH lens. The normal Leica X (type 113) is priced at around $2,295, so we guess the Moncler edition will be around that range, if not higher.

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