lg display bezelIf there is a benefit to having a display with a thin bezel is that it allows manufacturers to create larger displays that will not take up too much space because of its bezel. For smartphones it means we can look forward to larger displays while it can still fit nicely in our hands. That being said, LG Display has recently announced a new display with what they are calling the world’s thinnest bezels.

The bezels on LG Display’s new displays measure an impressive 0.7mm, which as you can see in the image above is almost invisible. LG went on to explain how they managed to achieve the bezel width. “LG Display’s Neo Edge technology uses an adhesive instead of double-sided tape to attach and completely seal the total area and edges of the panel’s circuit board and backlight unit.”

“Because there is no plastic guide panel to attach the panel and backlight, the Neo Edge technology helps achieve minimal bezel width, while blocking light leakage and being waterproof and dustproof.” The display in question measure 5.3-inches and will feature a 1080p Full HD display.

It will also feature LG’s “Advanced In-Cell Touch” technology. It is unclear as to which future smartphones will take advantage of LG’s new display, but with events such as CES and MWC around the corner, perhaps we will know more then. In the meantime are you excited to see more near-bezeless devices?

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