lg-g-flex_06Trademark and patent filings are usually a good sign of what a company might have planned. Of course whether these filings actually materialize into an actual product is a different story, but it does get people talking. That being said, LG has recently filed for three product names via the USPTO.

The names in question are the LG G Flex Frame, the G Frame, and the F Frame. Unfortunately these names do not tell us what kind of products we might be able to expect, although the G Flex Frame does sound like LG’s curved display smartphone, the LG G Flex, so it is possible that the G Flex Frame could be its successor or some kind of variant.

We have heard the rumors that LG could be planning the LG G Flex 2 which is said to sport a smaller display, so it is possible that the G Flex Frame could be referring to that device. However apart from that, we can’t be sure as to what the G Frame or the F Frame are. They do sport the same “Frame” moniker across the board, so perhaps it could be a new family of smartphones.

In any case like we said, trademark and patent filings are a possible indicator of what’s to come, but it does not necessarily reflect what is actually coming, but we will keep our eyes peeled anyway. In the meantime anyone care to venture a guess as to what these phones could be?

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