hackable-medicalWhile the digital does come with its fair share of benefits, this also opens up another doorway to it being hacked. According to some U.S. officials, they claimed that they are looking into the possibility of 24 suspected examples of medical equipment which could be vulnerable to hack attacks. In other words, patients’ lives could be put at risk, taking into consideration how some of these products include the likes of heart implants and drug infusion pumps.

Apparently, the investigators do have their fair share of concern regarding the potential flaws in the kit which could result in heart attacks as well as a potential case of being overdosed with a certain drug. Thankfully, there has been no known examples reported so far concerning deaths that could be attributed to such medical devices being hacked.

An expert did suggest that investigators’ efforts could have been better channeled in a different direction, although the Department of Homeland Security did point out that it has fears of such a case happening in the near future. An unidentified government official did share, “It isn’t out of the realm of the possible to cause severe injury or death.”

What do you think? Is this a scary thought, or do you think that the chances of it happening will be minimal?

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