Boiling water is a pretty straightfoward process. You can choose to heat up the water by sticking it into the microwave, you could boil it over a stove, or you could use an electric kettle. However it seems that Danish design studio Chudy and Grase have decided to reinvent the kettle, giving it a more minimalist and simple design.

Dubbed “Miito”, it’s basically where users can place their cup or container over an induction base, and through the use of a magnetic rod which they stick into the cup, the water or your drink inside will come to a boil with the heat being conducted via the rod itself. It’s an interesting design and it’s great if you’re trying to heat up a specific amount of liquid.

We suppose it will also allow users to heat up other types of liquid such as milk or coffee without having to dirty their kettle, but then again we guess the rod will end up getting dirty anyway, so either way it looks like you’ll have to wash it. Also the fact that the rod needs to be held in place to prevent it from toppling over seems like extra work.

Then again this is in the name of design, but what do you guys think? Could you see yourself possibly switching from an electric kettle to the Miito?

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