msi gt80Due to the design of laptops which are meant to be portable, the keyboards that usually come with laptops tend to be a tad cramped and are usually low-profile so as to fit within the device without it being too thick. Well it looks like MSI is going against convention and has recently announced the GT80 Titan gaming laptop, a laptop that actually comes with a mechanical keyboard built-in.

The keyboard will be built by none other than Cherry, the same company behind the mechanical keyboard switches found in many mechanical keyboards today. They keys MSI has chosen are the Cherry MX Brown keys which have been designed to be light with quick actuation, while still providing a rather satisfying click when pressed.

msi gt80_2Unfortunately apart from the design and the inclusion of the mechanical keyboard, not much else is known about the MSI GT80 Titan laptop. MSI has created a website for the upcoming laptop and has stated that it will be “coming soon”, so we guess we will just have to wait until MSI makes it official to know more about it.

There also does not appear to be a trackpad, although given the two clickable buttons below the number pad, we wouldn’t be surprised if the number pad could also double up as a mouse, which would admittedly be an interesting solution. No doubt with the addition of mechanical keys that the laptop would be heavier, but we’re sure for some gamers this is a worthwhile tradeoff.

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