Linux is a widely used operating system and yet it has taken considerable time for it officially receive support for Netflix. The world’s largest online video streaming service could not be accessed through Linux machines previously, unless some trickery was employed that spoofed Netflix into thinking that the machine was running something entirely different, but that changes now.

It is now possible to access Netflix through Linux however there are a few caveats to keep in mind. Not all flavors of Linux have received support but some of the most popular are covered. Ubuntu, Fedora and Ubuntu-based Mint are all now capable of letting users access Netflix without having to resort to trickery. Folks on Debian or Gentoo, etc, are out of luck for now.

Another caveat to keep in mind that it would only be possible to access Netflix on Linux through the Chrome web browser and there’s a reason for that. The support relies upon the Network Security Services library which is only present in the latest build of Chrome. Its highly likely that other web browsers will soon push out updates as well but for now Linux users are limited to this browser.

Credit for this effort goes to both Netflix and Canonical who have worked together to ensure that Linux users have an easy way of accessing Netflix through their machines.

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