Google ChromeGoogle released Chrome for Android yesterday, and today it pushed out an update for the desktop version of its web browser. The latest stable version of Chrome now has features that were present in the beta version of Chrome that was released last month. This means users will get an improved Omnibox that autocompletes URLs to sites you’re likely to visit, and Chrome will even prerender the page so that it appears even faster – sometimes even instantly.

In addition to a better Omnibox, Chrome now has improved security when it comes to protecting users from downloading malicious files. Whenever you download a file, Chrome checks for it on a list of known bad files, and even checks if the website you’re downloading from is known for hosting files that you don’t want on your computer.

Google also announced that a new update for Chrome OS is on the way, featuring a new image editor and an improved Verizon 3G activation portal. Head over to the Chrome website or click About… in Chrome to download it.

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