There is no shortage of apps these days that promise to provide a personalized experience to those who want to stay on top of news every single day. News Republic wants to go beyond that level of personalization and for that it has introduced My News Digest, a curated news feed that will provide individual readers with what they need to read in just three minutes every single day.

The My News Digest feed is built around the user, backed by an algorithm with semantic and learning intelligence, that takes countless items into consideration before recommending stories to the user based on a variety of topics which include Technology, Politics, National News, Sports, Entertainment and more. The feed updates in real time with breaking news so users are always up to date.

Instead of recommending stories to users that they might not be interested in, My News Digest firmly aims to filter out any and all excess noise and simply deliver the most engaging and interesting news content to the users thus going beyond the level of personalization offered by competing applications.

The updated News Republic app with My News Digest is available for download today. It is available for absolutely no charge at all from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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