htc-re-camera-8Earlier this month, HTC unveiled the RE Camera which appeared to be HTC’s take on an action camera that could give GoPro some pause. Now the camera comes in 3 different colors – white, blue, and orange, with the orange model being the most striking. However it seems that it was also the most popular choice as HTC has reportedly sent out emails to its customers informing them of a delay.

It seems that for those who pre-order the orange HTC RE Camera, it looks like there are some delays and could receive the camera later than expected. However to make up for the delay, HTC has offered customers a 10% discount on their pre-order which we have to say is pretty nice of them.

HTC has also offered customers an alternative in the form of the white RE Camera which according to the email sent out, should be arriving on the doorsteps of its customers come 15th of November. However if you decide that you want both the white and orange versions, HTC’s email has also suggested that customers will get a 10% discount on both their orders.

However this only applies to those who have pre-ordered the orange model, so if you haven’t placed your order, this won’t apply to you, but it should be good news to those who have earlier this month.

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