Prizm is a French start-up which has launched a music streaming device of the same name. It can be connected to any speakers and can then stream music from services like Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer over Wi-Fi so there’s no need for hooking it up with a smartphone or computer. Prizm does more than just stream music. Its intuitive and adaptable to the environment, it can predict and play songs based on the atmosphere, the number of people in the room, their music tastes and habits.


Olivier Roberdet, Chief Product Officer at Prizm, explained the idea behind this context-aware music streaming device. Its very simple when you come to think of it. “You do not listen to the same music when you are working or when you are sharing a drink with friends,” he says, which is why Prizm creates a dynamic music feed by using your streaming music account that’s consistent with the room context.

Since listening to music is a social experience in itself every member of the household has a separate profile on Prizm which keeps track of their tastes. So if you’re at home alone it will play music best suited to your tastes and moods, and if there are more people in the room Prizm will pick out music that everyone can appreciate by merging all of the preferences.

The device itself is a pyramid that’s just 3.8-inches tall. It can be connected to speakers through a standard 3.5mm jack or through Bluetooth. Companion apps for iOS and Android can be used as remote controls to check and adjust settings.

Prizm can be pre-ordered through its Kickstarter campaign for $99 but this price is limited for the first 150 units, after which the minimum pledge for one unit will be $129.

The campaign needs to reach its $70,000 funding goal for production to begin and that doesn’t seem like a problem because over half of the required funds have been raised in just under one day.

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