Having robots to help out mankind is an idea that has long seen its implementation in the world of science fiction, although the real world in which we live in is starting to see more and more incorporation of robots into our everyday lives. Production lines across factories worldwide have already begun to see more and more robots taking over the work of regular humans, and who knows? The future of your morning coffee might also be determined by robots, as the revolution has already begun. The Japan Robot Week that happens earlier this month saw a range of robotic wonders unveiled, among them including a robotic barista which was capable of serving up coffee on demand.

Surely this is one step ahead of pressing a button on a coffee machine to have it mix a cafe latte, or a cappuccino, or even a mocha, right? Nextage happens to be Kawada Industries’ “next-generation industrial robot,” and where it has demonstrated its ability to interact with humans on a certain level, and has the long term goal of liberating humans from their menial repetitive labor, letting us focus on our creative juices instead which in the long run, could be able to generate added value.

Still, there is something about chatting with your barista on how the day is going to be, or has gone, right? That is something a robot is unable to do – at least not just yet with the current levels of AI.

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