It’s the morning on the west coast, and this announcement came right on time. None of us here at Ubergizmo like to grind the coffee, which can be hazardous for geeky fingers controlled by a 65% operational brain in the (late) morning. Of course, the high-tech solution to that may be a one-touch coffee machine such as this KRUPS Barista EA9000 that comes with a large touch screen color display. It can handle Black (ristretto, espresso, or coffee) or Specialty, milk-based (cappuccinos, café lattes, macchiato) coffee drinks and up to 8 users can save their personal preferences (for quantity, strength, and temperature).

Some of us are coffee enthusiast, and although we like the high-tech aspect of this particular machine, we would also warn that when it comes to reliability, simpler is better. Without having tested this in the field, it’s hard to tell, but with a price tag of $2499.99, reading a few reviews may be worth your time.

The personalization is probably what sets it apart from regular models. Reliability apart, we also advice looking at how often one has to fill the water tank. That’s particularly valid if the machine is not place near a water source. Such devices rinse often, so a lot of the water is used for cleaning as well. What do you think? Would you get a Macbook Pro with Retina Display, a 65″ TV or… a coffee machine?

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