skeletonics-1[CEATEC 2014] Japan, the land of robots and anime, and this time around, we have the Skeletonics exoskeleton that was in action. Sure, it looks huge, it looks scary, but what a rush of power one would get if one were to stand inside and actually give it a go! It does make me wonder whether it is worth exploring the possibility of mass producing these to make them affordable enough so that factory workers and those in the construction industry who need a little bit more extra strength to get their job done in a more efficient manner might be able to pick one up.

When I approached the person in charge over at the Skeletonics booth and asked of the purpose behind this, it was shared that this is a dream of theirs – to create a robotic exoskeleton that simply works. As you can see in the video below, they have kept up to the end of their bargain, and I did not hear any kind of squeaks or creaks – perhaps that could be due to the well oiled parts, or it was simply way too noisy with all the music and presentations being blasting away.

Once the basic structure of the Skeletonics has been worked out, it is but a simple matter to “skin” it – making you look like a Gundam robot of your choice, or perhaps a Transformer in the future? This makes for a rather scary Halloween costume for sure, but it would be way out of one’s budget considering the cost of 5,000,000 Yen – that is, translated to $46,500 thereabouts. So far, I did not see it powered in any way, so it is more of an angry and fierce looking exoskeleton than anything else, making it the ideal rental for corporate events as well as promotional gatherings as it is a surefire attention grabber.

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