darpa-softexosuitIt looks like the U.S. military has expressed a rather strong interest when it comes to the development of powered exoskeletons. Such powered exoskeletons might just come in handy one of these days, you can never tell, as they assist soldiers in being a whole lot more agile, being far stronger than the average human as one is able to carry far more weight across difficult terrain, as well as to assist in reducing the amount of fatigue suffered during long missions. A soft exosuit that you see on the right here is being developed at the moment, where it will help soldiers move their feet with each step.

By far and large, it does look to be a whole lot sleeker and less bulky compared to the other exosuits that are in existence, and the whole idea of this soft exosuit is to help maintain a person’s natural gait without sacrificing on performance as and when required. There will be integrated sensors that are able to track a person’s movement continuously, and it can make the relevant and necessary adjustments to the motors accordingly.

All in all, when such technology filters down to us civilians, certain quarters such as stroke patients as well as even the paralyzed might be able to walk once again. [Press Release]

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