Tinder, a dating application, has gained a lot of popularity particularly in online circles over the past couple of years. The company itself has been around for just two years and currently has no revenue model to cash on million of users but things will change quite soon. Tinder CEO and co-founder Sean Rad announced during the Forbes Under 30 Summit today that Tinder will offer a premium service starting next month.

The app pulls streams of photos of people in your city who are on Tinder as well. It is location based and limited to the city the user is in, so its not like you can hit on a Tinder user in New York while you’re sitting by the pool in Los Angeles. It doesn’t work that way.

Rad said that the premium version will include features that “users have been begging us for,” but wouldn’t go into specifics about those features. He does believe that they will add value to the service so much so that users will want to pay for them.

He hinted that one of the new features could be geared towards travel, which would not only expand Tinder beyond dating, but also provide an opportunity to increase its penetration in markets its not currently too popular in.

Rad didn’t reveal how much this premium service will cost and exactly when it will be announced next month. He did confirm one thing that will put many Tinder users’ minds at ease, the free service that users currently enjoy will remain exactly the way it is.

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