Streaming gameplay while showing off your awesome physique on Twitch will no longer be acceptable courtesy of a change that Twitch has made in its Rules of Conduct. The new rules lay down the law, those who are using the service to stream gameplay must dress “appropriately,” and the rules go further into details as to what is and what isn’t acceptable.

According to the new Rules of Conduct for Twitch, broadcasters who wear no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing, which includes and may not be limited to “lingerie, swimsuits, pasties and undergarments,” will have to look elsewhere since all of that is now prohibited. Full nude torsos are not allowed as well and these changes apply to both male and female broadcasters.

The rules further state that if the broadcaster is streaming gameplay from an unbearably hot location which makes it impossible for them to keep their shirt on, “just crop the webcam to your face,” that’s actually the solution offered in the new Rules of Conduct.

There is speculation that Twitch is tightening things following its acquisition by Amazon by a representative for the gameplay streaming service told Polygon that they have merely answered the “ages-old question of dress code,” so apparently Twitch isn’t considering these changes to be significant in nature.

What do you think do, should you be allowed to choose what does or does not constitute as an “appropriate” dress when you’re broadcasting gameplay?

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