vaio_prototype_tabletEarlier this year there were rumors that Sony would be selling off their VAIO PC division and sure enough they did. The VAIO PC division has since been sold to a Japanese investment firm, although the good news is that the VAIO brand would not be killed off. Instead they are expected to continue operating under the VAIO name, just without Sony’s name attached to it.

Now if you’re curious as to what kind of new VAIO products the company might have in store, the company has recently announced (via PhoneArena) a new device called the VAIO Prototype Tablet PC. As the name implies, this is a prototype and will not be hitting the market anytime soon, although it does give us an idea of the kind of products that are being worked on.

The device has been designed to be an Ultrabook replacement with a 12.3-inch display and an Intel Core Haswell chipset under the hood. It will feature a resolution of 2560×1704 and from what we can tell in the photo, it seems to be a hybrid device of sorts where it can double up as a tablet or as a laptop.

If you’re wondering why it looks familiar, it is because it looks like it could be designed to compete with the likes of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. Unfortunately there is no word on availability just yet, but it is priced starting at around $1,800 which we have to admit seems a tad pricey.

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