apple-1-2-stevesTechnology is ever changing and always progressing, to the point where a computer you buy today will become “out of date” in the next couple of months thanks to faster processors, faster RAM chips, sharper displays, more powerful GPUs, and etc. This is why it does seem a bit odd that people would actually bid on old computers.

Well if that old computer is an iconic computer like the Apple 1, we guess it makes sense as it is a part of the history of one of the largest tech companies in the world today. That being said, it seems that a report from Reuters has revealed that the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, has recently bid on the Apple 1 computer’s motherboard and won it at an auction for the price of $905,000.

What made the motherboard even more valuable was the fact that despite it having been built back in 1976, it is still functional. The device bears the model number 01-0070 and is one of the 50 Apple 1 computers that Apple’s co-founders Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs had built back in the day out of Jobs’ garage in Palo Alto, California.

According to the Henry Ford president Patricia Mooradian in explaining their acquisition, “The Apple-1 was not only innovative, but it is a key artifact in the foundation of the digital revolution.”

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