super_smash_bros_3dsNintendo 3DS owners who have been “investing” a huge chunk of their time in Super Smash Bros. (a game that has also helped Nintendo turn a profit in their latest earnings results, by the way) would most probably have nothing but good words to say about this game. However, there have been some players who reportedly were on the receiving end of 136-year bans. Yes sir, Super Smash Bros. comes with a built-in technology that has the good intention of preventing in-game griefing. In-game griefing is another way to describe the aggressive targeting of a certain player in a group game, and the whole idea of this automated technology is to prevent such targeted bullying, so to speak. Unfortunately, there seems to be a glitch in this system – where instead of a standard 15 minute ban, players have been staring down at a ban which lasts 71,582,030 minutes – amounting to a whopping 136 years!

The folks over at Nintendo have not yet given any comments on this particular error, but it does look as though such an impossibly lengthy ban will remain upon discovery of this mistake. Hopefully this will be resolved before Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is released later this coming November 28th. Parents who read about this ban might be well pleased, since it could mean their children ditching video games for books instead. One can remain optimistic, yes?

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