warcraft 3With Blizzard basing the World of Warcraft MMORPG off the Warcraft franchise, we’re sure many gamers are wondering if the developer will ever return to making Warcraft RTS games. After all World of Warcraft was released after Warcraft 3, which was the last Warcraft RTS game we saw from the company.

So what’s the plan for Warcraft 4? Well unfortunately it seems that for now, Blizzard has nothing to announce. Kotaku recently spoke with Tim Morten, the lead game producer for StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void where he mentioned that nothing was being worked on at the moment, but it is a franchise that Blizzard would love to return to.

According to Morten, “We’re focused on getting Legacy of the Void done right now, so I don’t think we’ve had the mindshare to say, ‘Absolutely, we’re gonna be doing X, Y, or Z next.’ Going back to the Warcraft universe would be awesome. I’d love to see that happen.” Perhaps to tide gamers over, Morten also revealed that the StarCraft 2 development team will be adding Warcraft assets to the game’s mod tools.

This will allow gamers to create Warcraft-themed scenarios with the StarCraft 2 engine. This is not a hint at what’s to come for Warcraft 4 as it will be based on Warcraft 3, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. In any case is anyone else disappointed that there is no Warcraft 4 news yet?

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