dekavitaHow many of you out there still participate in mobile gaming using a dedicated handheld console, instead of relying on your smartphones and tablets? I am quite sure that the numbers have been dwindling with the rise of the smartphone era, which is to be expected. Still, if you feel that toting around a 5” PlayStation Vita is not going to cut the mustard for a pure mobile gaming experience, enter the DekaVita 7.


The DekaVita 7 can be translated literally to “huge Vita 7”, and thanks to the folks over at Gametech who have successfully gotten the Vita TV to be a whole lot more portable. How so? One will first attach it to HDMI and AC connectors, as well as buttons and a 7” IPS display for the mini console. This would more or less make it a wee bit smaller than a Wii U GamePad, although it will not come with a touchscreen display. The DekaVita 7 will cost roughly $230 after conversion when it rolls out in Spring next year, although those who have placed a pre-order for it will be able to enjoy a $40 discount thereabouts.

Well, how has your experience with the Vita TV been so far, and would you like to augment it with the DekaVita 7 through an import shop?

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